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CLICK HERE Tytal Crude Oil Tanker 200BBL 8400 Gal, very light 11,200 lbs dry weight, air ride, full DOT 407 spec 
Also see Crude Oil Trailers page for lots more info prices and full spec
CLICK HERE Tytal Crude Oil Tanker 250BBL 10,500Gal,air ride  full DOT 407 spec Very light dry weight 13,820
Also see Crude Oil Trailers page for lots more info prices and full spec
Heil 2012 Crude Oil Tanker 250BBL 10,500 Gal, air ride, full DOT 407 spec Two compartment tanker 
Also see Crude Oil Trailers page for lots more info prices and full spec
CLICK HERE Pneumatic Dry Bulk for hauling the special Frack Sand 
ABOVE TWO units in stock March 15  and more arriving every other week 20K to hold a trailer 
MADE IN THE USA @ SLC Utah Factory several models Dakota-Dakota 2 and Texas
Above 160 BBL Dakota Model 42 Feet Long 5K LIGHTER than most dry weight 18,900 COMPARE weight is money 

Vacuum Water tanker for hauling Clean water to go down the well and the dirty/production  water that comes back up

MADE IN THE USA @ SLC Utah several models Dakota or Dakota 2 and Texas
Above 130 BBL Dakota Model 36 Feet Long 4K LIGHTER than most dry weight 13,200 COMPARE weight is money 

Vacuum Water tanker for hauling Clean water to go down the well and the dirty/production  water that comes back up

DAKOTA 2 lighter ONLY 11,800 

VIDEO LINK Learn about drilling and Fracturing wells  VERY GOOD WORTH  5 MIN

How much oil have they found in North Dakota       FACTS from the experts

There is TWICE as much oil than Prudhoe Bay Alaska  24 BILLION barrels estimated in ND 
That in 10 years with government cooperation we could be the #1 oil producing country in the world
That with the currently 200 drill rigs in ND it will take 25 years to drill the wells needed to get all the oil up
That there will be the need for pipe lines and refineries at a rapid pace to handle the demand
That many wells are producing up to 10 times more flow production than originally estimated
That it takes over a million gallons of water to frac a well 
That along with oil dirty water or production water also comes up and need trucking
That we drilled 37,000 wells in the USA 2010 now 68,000 in 2011 up 40% and # of wells fracking up 75% 2011 to 2012

            What kind of money does a truck make in ND Aprox rates Oct 2011

Frack water trailer and truck  aprox $ 130.00 per hour leasing company will take a cut 
Crude oil trailer and truck aprox $ 350.00 per hour leasing company will take a cut & higher insurance required
Frack sand trailer and truck aprox $ 180.00 per hour leasing company will take a cut 

A GREAT Investment 

Many find they can work hard and pay off the investment in equipment in 6 to 8 months 
Many find private money investors willing to finance this high demand equipment 
Equipment can move to where the work is needed the most and get the highest return 
Equipment is a tangible asset it can not evaporate into thin air overnight like stock and bonds 

News Relevant to the Oil Fields


Nov 2011 rail road to have 2 new 100 rail car filling stations near the Montana boarder on line end of the month + 2 more soon
( note it takes 3 trucks to fill a rail car THAT'S 1200 trucks to fill just these 2 new rail units twice every 24 hours ) 
? more trucks  YES YES YES 
Nov 2011 at present only 25% of the crude is moved to the refineries by rail some pipeline majority by Truck
Nov 2011 industry insiders project ND Bakken to produce a HALF A MILLION barrels per day in 2012 
Nov 2011 TESORO announces 60 million for rail project in ND & 35 million in Anacortes Washington refinery upgrade  to process an added 68,000 barrels of crude daily 
Nov 17 2011 Obama administration delays XL PIPELINE approval decision 15 months ( Canada reacts says they will sell oil to Asia and makes a sea way deal )   BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY BUT GOOD FOR TRUCKING 
Nov 2011 fracking has been slower in ND 160 wells drilled setting waiting to be fracked ( issue lots of crude needing moved to refineries & shortage of frack sand & oil companies out of budget @ year end ) SOLUTION add crude trucks and rail heads & get added supply of frack sand & start a new year with new oil company budget money
Nov 2011 CARBO CERAMICS INC added production coming on line in Marshfield Wisconsin to produce added   250 Million lbs of frack sand & new plant by end of 2012 in Georgia bringing total production to 1.75 Billion lbs       Raw material supply secured to last for many years  FRACK SAND ISSUE is about over. Expect fracking to go     HARD HARD there will be another push for WATER  SAND & CRUDE TRUCKS
Nov 9 2011 Bakken Oil Express terminal near Dickinson, North Dakota The BNSF southern line, owned by Warren Buffett First train 70,000 barrels shipped on BNSF train- Lario Logistics New terminal has 100,000 bpd capacity Owner plans to expand terminal capacity to 250,000 bpd . Increased output from the North Dakota plains, which reached a record high above 464,000 bpd in September shippers scramble to bring new take-away capacity to carry this crude away from the Midwest and to the refinery hub in the Gulf of Mexico.
Dec 1 2011 Rangeland Energy LLC by December 2011 as the first open-access oil marketing hub in North Dakota. 
The hub will also provide oil handling and storage services through on-site tankage and access to multiple downstream oil markets through the COLT Connector and 60,000 b/d railcar loading facilities. Rangeland will initially build two 90,000 bbl tanks and one 30,000 bbl tank for a total of 210,000 bbl on-site storage
Dec 1 2011 Daily Wealth  But what you don't know is all those analysts will almost surely be proven wrong.
The amount of new oil that will be produced can't even yet be imagined. Trust me on this� every projection you've seen this year � and those that will be made over the next 12-24 months � about the amount of future oil production will end up being woefully, laughably conservative.
Dec 6 2011 Wall Street Journal Shale oil still in its infancy has created thousands of jobs and will support 870,000 by 2015
Dec 7 2011 Bruce Gjovig of the University of North Dakota has calculated the Bakken is creating two new millionaires every day.
Dec 6 2011 Oil Market watch ND Governor Jack Dalrymple North Dakota has committed 1.2 Billion to address the impacts of oil and gas development in the western part of the state , help is on the way
Jan 6 2012 Continental annouces contracts for a large number of additional water trucks for fracking and also annouces plans to double there drill rig count in ND in 2012  ( as predicted the need for water trucking along with oil and sand is increasing hard now that companys have new budgets for 2012 )

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